One of the predominant narratives around the blockchain space has been that, while there are positive exceptions, as far as projects go, it mostly consists of either outright scams or fail-it-till-you-make-it schemes launching ICOs with just a whitepaper.

The real picture is far less gloomy, however. It is true that as in any sphere of human activity, the blockchain space has its share of frauds and wild over-promisers. However, if one looks at all the tech that has been built in ten years since the arrival of the Bitcoin paper, one cannot fail to see how much has already been achieved against all odds.

A case in point. On Monday, Ethereum’s incubator Consensys published an article outlining merely the infrastructure that just the Ethereum community has created for developers. The categories covered are Ethereum smart contract languages (yes, not just Solidity), developer frameworks, IDEs, test networks, frontend and backend APIs, Ethereum clients in all sorts of languages, testing tools, security tools and so on.

And this flowering of technologies has been created by just one blockchain community in the space of less than four years. In the environment where banking services have been essentially unavailable to most projects and where most people have no realistic recourse to the existing legal system.

Needless to say, if you are an actual or aspiring Ethereum developer, you will find a lot to chew on, and hopefully try in your projects, in that article.



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